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Preah Rumkel

In Preah Rumkel Commune, Thala borivath district, Stung Treng province, the first home stays were set up by several communities under the guidelines of a tourist expert. These home stays are idea for vistors who want to sample how local villagers live.

Visitors can spend a night with the villagers and spend the next day touring the villages and trekking through the jungle and local mountains. There are many attractive sites such as the Sopeakmith waterfall, which has extremely strong flow during the rainy season although low flow during the dry season.

Visitors can also enjoy the dolphin pool at Preah Rum Kel. In the morning and at sunset, dolphins often appear and even jump out of the water. 

Tourists can reach Preah Rumkel communities’ eco-tourism area by boat, just an hour from Stung Treng town. The cost per person round trip is 50,000 riel (US$12.25). Visitors can enjoy the spectacular views of trees while floating down the river and also see many different kinds of birds.  



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