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National Language for Cambodia is Khmer
Khmer Language(ភាសាខ្មែរ) (Cambodian) is the language of the Khmer people and the official language of Cambodia. It is the second most widely spoken English and French Language . Khmer has been considerably influenced by the Brahmi script of ancient India by way of the Pallava script, which was used in southern India and South East Asia during the 5th and 6th Centuries AD. The oldest dated inscription in Khmer, found at Angkor Borei in Takev Province south of Phnom Penh, dates from 611 AD.The Khmer alphabet closely resembles the Thai and Lao alphabets. Khmer Language Feature: This is syllabic alphabet in which each consonant has two forms, one with an inherent /a/ (first series) and one with an inherent /o/ (second series) Vowels are indicated using either separate letters or diacritics, which written above, below, in front of, after or around consonants. The pronunciation of the vowels depends on whether a consonant they are attached to is of the first or second series. All consonants have a subscript form which is used to write the second consonant of a cluster. In a Khmer text there are no spaces between words, instead spaces indicate the end of a clause or sentence.

International Numbers Khmer Numbers Khmer Consonants Khmer vowels Pronunciation
0 ០ សូន្យ (son)    /soːu̯n/
1 ១ មួយ (muŏy)   /muːə̯j/
2 ២ ពីរ  (pi)   /piː/
3 ៣ បី  (bei)  /ɓəːj/
4 ៤ បួន (buŏn)  /É“uːə̯n/
5 ៥ ប្រាំ   (prăm) /pram/
6 ៦ ប្រាំមូយ    (prăm muŏy)  /pram muːə̯j/
7 ៧ ប្រាំពីរ  (prăm pi)   /pram piː/
8 ៨ ប្រាំបី  (prăm bei)  /pram ɓəːj/
9 ៩ ប្រាំបួន   (prăm buŏn)  /pram É“uːə̯n/
10 ១០ ដប់  (dâp) /É—É‘p/
100 ១០០ មួយរយ   (muŏy rôy)  /muːə̯j rÉ”j/
1000 ១០០០ មួយពាន់   (muŏy poăn)  /muːə̯j pɔə̯n/
10000 ១០០០០ មួយម៉ឺន   (muŏy mein) /muːə̯j məɨn/
100000 ១០០០០០ មួយសែន  (muŏy sên)    /muːə̯j saːe̯n/
1000000 ១០០០០០០ មួយលាន (muŏy léan)  
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